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CEREMONY:  Your ceremony music is à la carte.
I can always make suggestions but you can choose what music you want for your bridal party, YOUR entrance and recessional. Traditional, Religious or Contemporary.

COCKTAILS: Start the party off right with a jazz trio sound or straight piano music for your cocktail hour.

COCKTAILS IN CONCERT: Start off with a pre-party dinner club performance. It can include a multitude of artists tributes or a few specific artists like Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra/Rat Pack, Michael Buble and always sounding similar to the original recordings. 
It is also great for in between DJ sets, spotlight dances like your first dance together or after party music. Like dinner club music, it can be both intimate or concert like.

RECEPTION: 4-5 hours of continuous live  entertainment including a "Key-J" mix.

Piano Concert

Let's make an unforgettable soundtrack for your day!

CEREMONY: Includes live background piano music as your guests are being seated,
Bridal Party Entrance Music, Bridal/Groom Entrance Music & Recessional Music. (no vocals)

COCKTAIL HOUR: Includes 1 hour of continuous live background piano music (no vocals) with Joe's signature trio sound. Music selection covers all generations appropriate for cocktail hours.

COCKTAILS IN CONCERT: Includes 1 hour of continuous live music. It is a vibrant and intimate dinner/cocktail show including piano, vocals and custom accompaniment attributing and sounding like the original artists recordings, moderate mood & stage area lighting. Music selection covers all generations.

4 HOUR RECEPTION:  Includes 4 hours of continuous music mostly live and a "KeyJ" mix. It is a 4 hour version of Cocktails In Concert and covers all event and wedding spot lights. (eg. introductions, first dance, parental dances ect.). Music selection covers background, party/dance music from ALL generations.

PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT: Additional musicians -guitarists, vocalists, horns,harp/strings. My duos, trios and up to my full 9 piece high energy  band. Lighting options are available as well.

All Packages Include: Standard Insurance for each venue and close proximity travel expenses.
Otherwise, travel, airfare and lodging fees are not included.


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